Sample storyboards

As requested by the ciient, I used the below word format storyboard planner for every page of the e-Learning. A prototype was then created in PPT to be viewed and approved by Subject Matter Experts and Project Owners. Once I had all the sign offs, the word version was sent to translation and the integration of the course was done using an Authoring Tool. All templates were already programmed into the Authoring tool using html and flash.

Sample Storyboard (GIF)

Continuous improvement initiatives

Created a template back-up list, which was then standardized across the Supply Chain Training department to ensure continuity in the workplace.

PDF Back-up Template

Samples lessons plans and theories behind objectivist and constructivist approaches

Objectivist Lesson Plan: (5 page PDF) Lesson plan for a French Speaking Class.

Constructivist Lesson Plan: (5 page PDF) Lesson plan for a French Speaking Class.

Online training - Export Controls

This eLearning highlights the main aspects of Export Controls including terminology, requirements and U.S. regulations and compliance. A link to a Frequently Asked Questions is available to the learner at all times as an external PDF file.

Online training - Introduction to Business Warehouse

This was an Internship Project (Refer to Internship report below). SAP BW 101 was designed for learners with little or no background in Business Warehouse, enabling them to browse and analyze reports using various navigation functions.

Internship report (pdf, 52 pages)

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